About Giulia Holland…

Giulia Holland offers a reassuring approach without agenda.
You may find her experience and skills useful if you are having digestive problems, more aches and pains than you ‘d like, and have a sense that you could be fulfilling your life more.

The beauty of her approach is she takes a note of your physical symptoms, and then explores through muscle-testing their root cause. She will test to define the work to see if it falls into the following categories:

  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Energetic
  • Physical – Trained in Sports Massage Therapy with the International Institute of Sports Therapy
  • Blocked Pathways – Toxicity can manifest in biochemical, nutritional, chemical and emotional ways.
  • Past Lives and Ancestral Connections – similar to the principles of family constellation therapy; none of us are immune to the influence of our family group and cultural, religious, social conditioning.
  • Geopathic – connected to ley lines, underground water, elementals and a dialogue with the spirit of place. Dialoguing with a person’s body as in muscle-testing, or with the land is very similar.
    It is about their spirit, their history and how they are able to take care of themselves.
  • Psychic Clearing - for you if you feel you absorb atmospheres from those around you; work in stressful environments or in intense situations involving caring for people.

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Giulia Holland and Food 

I work with all ages including children and babies. If you feel comfortable with Giulia working at a distance, you can work with her from the comfort of your own bed! This is great for clients suffering from Electro-Stress or chronic conditions which prevent them from being able to travel.

I believe in whole foods, fermentation, cleanses, fasts, the effects of balancing the diet and temperature of the body.
I include balancing your inner environment according to the seasons, your constitution and lifestyle as a fundamental part of regenerating good health. It is your choice whether you do these things!

I see clients one to one from home and I work on the telephone and via Skype, so am available to clients all over the world. The combination of techniques I use work well if you are new to complementary healthcare, and equally complement other therapies, as well as emotional process work.

I carry out home and business consultations on properties on-site or remotely.  I am a certified tutor for the Kinesiology Federation teaching Geopathic Stress and Subtle Energy.

Federation of Holistic Therapists

Giulia Holland is member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists









For consultations worldwide call

(44) 01453 889184   07872 665 710

My background:  A degree from Newcastle, five years working in Central America in sustainable development particularly with women, ten years working as an English teacher abroad and in the UK, fourteen years balancing people’s energy in groups and one to one. I continue taking an active part in my own ongoing professional development, which includes work with bees, shadow work and Women in Power, as well as pursuing interests including art, dance, tango, sacred space and sustainability.


Giulia is also a registered practitioner for the British Society of Dowsers



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